Month: October 2019

Kelly Felix – Underestimated

How My Company Went From Zero to $50 Million in Less Than 3 Years, Selling Freely Available Information

Erin Flynn – Streamline Design Profit

You’re making way less $$$ than you need to be for the amount of work you’re doing and you feel like you might be better off playing guitar on a street corner–and you’ve never even held a guitar. (Don’t stop believin’.)

Tommy Griffith – The ClickMinded SEO Course

Let me know if this one sounds familiar. You’ve been trying to learn SEO. You’re reading this now, and let me guess, you’ve probably tried to do a few (or all) of the following things

Daymond John – Daymond on Demand

Daymond John Teaches Entrepreneurial Success Start, Grow and Scale your business with unparalleled skills More Than 50 Interactive Training Modules with Daymond John and his expert team

Chris Winters – F.A.M. Facebook Agency Machine

6-Week Local FB Agency Masterclass
Weekly Assignments Personally Graded by Chris (Niche & Ads)
CAM Website Template
Master Niche Fan Page
Proprietary Client Generating System

Adksills – Conversion Tracking Masters

Yes! I’m ready to STOP optimizing my campaigns for costs and start optimizing my campaigns for higher earnings instead. I’m excited to begin the Conversion Tracking Masters course so I can finally learn how to connect my cart data to my ad accounts and finally see which keywords or interests are earning me the most money.