Month: July 2019

Dan Henry – Sold Out Courses

​The new model of selling online courses that doesn’t require Launches, Joint Ventures, or building a huge email list.

Michael Young – Epic Mail Machine

Get all set to deal with huge business with huge budget plans that will enable you to generate loan much faster than ever prior to with $100,000+ per offer agreements.

Maxwell Finn – Paid Traffic Training 2.0

Boot Camp (June 2019)

2 Monthly Live Training + Ask Questions

3 Course Feedback

4 Chapter 0 – Welcome

5 Chapter 1 – My Must Have Tools

6 Chapter 2 – Before Going Live

Seth Godin – The Marketing Seminar / Summer Session

Around the world, more than 8,000 marketers have used this Seminar to make a difference. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, musicians, non-profit leaders, CEOs, teachers and real estate brokers have all found what they were seeking through the magic of this Akimbo workshop, taught by Seth Godin.

Dan Lok – Perfect Closing Script

Are Old School Sales Methods On Their Deathbed?

Why These 8 Famous Sales Techniques Turn Off Today’s Cautious Buyer…And What You Should Do NOW Instead

Joanna Wiebe – 10x Facebook Ads

Module One: Facebook and Instagram Ads 101
Module Two: Anatomy of Facebook and Instagram Ads
Step One- Reference your Funnel Map and Pick a Place to Start 4 mins